Sunday, November 25, 2012

Naturalista or Transitioning Sista?

The Battle Continues-
Woman cries... I WANT TO BE FREE! She rants fists all balled up....
Free of my relaxer that is ruining my life my image, my character.
Six months later...
Woman humbled says I dreamed to run my fingers through my hair and feel the power of my own natural curl to be less oppressed by this chemical society.
But Girl, what do I do now?
I'm natural and want to remain this way.. She continues speaking looking into the mirror pulling at her hair...
Relaxer is on the ends Afro coily is my base... (deep breath taken she looks up saying) ... my hair is shedding although I treat it at home.. A sad look comes over her face... I immediately offered her a glass of Pino quickly and recommended (Drum Roll please)..
Going straight is an ease !
Wearing Bushy Coily Hair is Beautiful!
Blowout & style in half the time!
Vitamin & Botanicals Packed in treatment!
Rinses out in 12 weeks or more !

Visit or 718 636 5521

Consultations are Free. However a $50 deposit is needed for a scheduled appointment with The Pravanna Styling Professional!
Mention this blog and receive a complimentary nail design valued $8 with a spa manicure.

After thought:
Freedom from anything has its own challenges!

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