Friday, June 6, 2014

A Carribbean Queen steals the night!

With a diamond glare SHE stood, basking in tender naked sun kissed glow. Rhianna stood accepting her style icon award  naked skin. Our brave Carribbean Queen embraced the night the uproar of Omg!! She has done it again!!! Just a sheer blush flesh tone crystal cover dress, gloves covering from fingertips to elbows . oh how dare I forget her boa?
       I myself at first was stunned but then again why not? Josephine Baker lives! I was raised to embrace my body being Guyanese ...and the eating is good. USA, we are a culture that the black female body is a taboo. From slavery the African Holocast still to this day2014. Rhianna did what I would have done if I was she. Free to be an artist, a creative mind brave, tortured as she flips the bird sticks her tongue out she asks does my boobs offend you? Hinting to being banned from Instagram😦😏😑. Anyhow? Ms Fenty stays winning!  Let's that pisecs swim! Aww lloow she  le she bubble (in my Guyanese voice) lol 
 Erratic emotions of joy is everything in  her bowwed smile. #liveyalife

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