Thursday, October 28, 2010

I WHIP MY HAIR! someone please give Chris Rock a clue!!!

Willow at 9 yrs old understands(smart parents) the FUN, BEAUTY & PRESSURE in being of AFRICAN DESCENT. Some Bloggers should be ashamed of themselves speaking of how funny she looks and how can her parents allow her to be so care-free? My people.... may I begin with that?  We should take a page from their book.... teach our children how to express themselves without being disrespectful to everyone else.  Profanity, saggy diaper pants, disrespectful to adults and doesn't understand that videos are not real!!!
I'm proud of The Smith Family, they raised a daughter that is super talented, articulate and an independent thinker! Can someone let Chis Rock know that a child has answered his BLACKUMENTARY about Good Hair!.... By the way GOOD HAIR IS HEALTHY HAIR NO MATTER THE TEXTURE.

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