Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Atlantic City Beach......care for some TAFFY?
Kanamb( Kanye & Amber... hello?), thanks for your winter storm fashion dooooooooont! circa 1983

You need to know that you're my Favorite Musician
And not of the time but my absolute Fav even when you step to the left but you're right ;-) always Mr. West
But I got it.... this was you just showing how hood fly boi you can be at times. lololol 
All you needed was amber in a bikini and I would have been reminded of 1983 NYC when Scarface ruled the cinema. It was my first day of the rest of my life August 15,1983.
 42nd street LIGHTS, Stilletos and Swim suits, Pimp Cadillac Rides, DRugs & Gamble 
Funny it has'nt snowed that much since....until now Kanamb.... I Need your powers!

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  1. handsome couple! I would date kanamb....oops who said that? tehehe:-O