Wednesday, November 11, 2009


As the holiday seasons soon approaches.... we all want to look our best.  And with alittle effort you can look amazingly fab everyday.  What is on your wish list?   A new hairstyle or the appearance of a perfect complexion?  Ladies it can be achieved with a fine- tuned regimen and the yearning to feel like a woman.  

Short or sparse eyelashes.
Eyelash extensions can transform Plain Jane into a screen siren without a touch of mascara--- its perfect for those who are short on time for beauty.

Permanent eyelashes- Cluster strand by strand.  
This method takes from one -to three- hours to apply. A skilled eye is neccesary since each synthetic lash is placed one by one on your own upper lashes with a safe longer lasting adhesive. There are new lashes available for women of color.Strand by strand by strand lashes comes in clusters yeah!  Instead of longer sparse lashes, you can have fuller longer lashes and in blue too. Strand lashes can be custom designed by your artist.

Cluster lashes- individual flares.
Despite the name these lashes comes in a small subtle clusters.  It can be trusted to look natural and stay put for up to 3weeks or until you are ready for them to come off.  Unlike the tricky full strip lashes that lasts a day. The application time is between fifteen minutes to thirty 30 minutes maximum. (Unless you are a tearer) lol.

Your real eyelashes have a sixty to ninety day life span, see ladies no worries... naturally the false eyelashes simply sheds with your own.   Considering prolonged use of false eyelashes?   ladies you should seek a professional makeup artist or an aesthetician with beauty knowledge for proper eye lash treatment.
                   Eyelashes should appear natural even if you're a drama queen or king.  Normally  false lashes that are stacked thick and removed with oil, are most often the sufferers of sparse drab lashes.  So remember to keep your your lashes healthy looking use the proper adhesive remover everytime or head to a professional for help.  


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